Considering the order of the Cabinet of Ministers dated March 12, 2020 “On declaring a state of emergency”, 
we inform that ULLE Ltd. will continue to work in accordance with the precautionary measures
from March 13 to April 14, 2020.

ULLE Ltd. employees will continue to provide information and advice remotely,
as well as meeting you by appointment.

Please contact us:

By phones:
29 474 066 - Райвис
29 214 999 - Улдис
26 544 685 - Мартиньш

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Stone processing

Ulle Ltd is a company that works in the field of stone processing and production since 1998:

Buildings and facades

Buildings and facades

They look elegant and will last forever.

Stone floors


They will serve for a long time even at high loads.



Scratch - and heat-resistant.



Resistant to moisture and easy to maintain.

Stone staircases


They look noble and serve for a long time.

Fireplace decoration

Fireplace decoration

Easy to maintain.



Resistant to weather and heavy load.



Resistant to rain, sunlight and wind..

About Us

Ulle Ltd is a company that works in the field of stone processing and production since 1998. Over the years, the company has established its place among the largest stone processing companies in Latvia, and has successfully entered international markets.

The comapny has developed cooperative relations with the leading Italian, Spanish and Chinese producers. Ulle Ltd specialises in stone processing, assembly of ventilated facades and flooring; furthermore, the company has broad experience in stone profiling, cutting and polishing. The company’s staff has learned how to successfully deal with unusual situations. Since the founding of the company, its team has installed more than 25 thousand square meters of ventilated granite facades and approximately the same area of floor and wall finishes, made several hundred kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as well as custom-made a significant number of details for fireplace finishes.