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Stone processing and production

Feedback from our customers

"At the end of last year, when it was necessary to create a kitchen surface in a private house for both indoor and outdoor terraces, I remembered that seven years ago I had used the service of Ulle Ltd. to decorate the kitchen in the apartment. practically as new, I decided to address this company again with new requirements.

I had ideas about what surfaces I would like and I was pleased with the range of materials available in the stone workshop, I was able to choose what I like best. In turn, Mārtiņš helped with suggestions.

I had a special request - I placed the order in the beginning of December, and it had to be ready by the New Year. Ulle was the only company that undertook to fulfill the order in such a short time, and it did so - the kitchen surface was assembled between Christmas and New Year.

I chose beautiful Zimbabwean granite for the kitchen surface indoors. In turn, when choosing a material for the terrace kitchen, the masters, going into the situation, suggested a stone that is less decorative, but still functional. The combination of materials allowed to save over a hundred euros and convinced that the company is looking for the most suitable and profitable solution for each customer. This creates special respect for the company and its masters.

Agnese Vilāne, owner of a private house

"In cooperation with the company Ulle, we created a stone facade for a building in Jūrmala, Ērgļu Street 2. Its design is impressive, the stone was created in a special shape, the facade resembles sea waves.  

It was the most labor-intensive stage to create such a stone, Ulle's masters worked in three shifts. We were able to follow the process.

Stone travertine was used for the façade, it is a natural sand color, echoing the nearby beach.

We chose Ulle because it was recommended to us as professionals, as it was a good price offer.

As a general contractor, we have cooperated with various companies, we can say about Ulli that the cooperation was really good. What I liked most was that the team is very responsive, ready to implement the customer's wishes, make changes if necessary, etc.

The company also assembled the facade, performed its work to the highest quality and met the deadline.

The beautiful façade of the building delights every day - not only us, but also visitors, technically so far it has not had any problems. "

Zuzanna Stefanovska, Assistant Construction Manager, LNK Industries AS.

"It was necessary to create a porch for a private house in a landscaped place, because simple steps would not really fit it and would not look too good. We decided to create a real stone porch.

We had our own vision for the design, Ulle's masters offered more ideas, and together we decided what the porch should look like.

Burnt stone was used, it is specially treated - with a slightly rough surface to prevent slipping in winter and rain.

Initially, I had planned to assemble the porch by myself, but in the process I realized that it had to be entrusted to professionals. It was the right decision, the Ulle team did the job perfectly - each seam, the joints as well as the joints near the building are very carefully and professionally designed.

I like that the porch is wide, you can stand on it and watch the surrounding landscape, and you can place flower pots beautifully. "

Juris Pržjalgovskis, owner of a private house.

Stone processing and production

Ulle Ltd is a company that works in the field of stone processing and production since 1998:

Akmens ēku fasādes un cokoli

Buildings and facades

They look elegant and will last forever.

Almens grīdas

Stone floors

They will serve for a long time even at high loads.

Akmens darba virsmas virtuvei

Stone worktops for the kitchen

Scratch - and heat-resistant.

Akmens virsmas vannas istabas

Stone surface for bathrooms

Resistant to moisture and easy to maintain.

Akmens kāpnes

Stone stairs

They look noble and serve for a long time.

Kamīna apdare no akmens

Fireplace decoration from stone

Easy to maintain.

Akmens lievenis

Stone porch

Resistant to weather and heavy load.

About us

Ulle Ltd is a company that works in the field of stone processing and production since 1998. Over the years, the company has established its place among the largest stone processing companies in Latvia, and has successfully entered international markets.

The comapny has developed cooperative relations with the leading Italian, Spanish and Chinese producers. Ulle Ltd specialises in stone processing, assembly of ventilated facades and flooring; furthermore, the company has broad experience in stone profiling, cutting and polishing. The company’s staff has learned how to successfully deal with unusual situations. Since the founding of the company, its team has installed more than 25 thousand square meters of ventilated granite facades and approximately the same area of floor and wall finishes, made several hundred kitchen and bathroom surfaces, as well as custom-made a significant number of details for fireplace finishes.

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