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Fireplace decoration from stone

Fireplace decoration is a design element, it often needs to create original pattern and color tones.
You need to find a master who can really create the fireplace finish - as intended.
Ulle craftsmen for creating a stone fireplace decoration can usually be found according to the recommendations but the work done speaks of their mastery.

Fireplace decoration - in the interior and exterior.

If you need to finish the fireplace, the first step is to choose a stone. It is customary for the fireplace owner to choose it. Marble is traditionally used to decorate the fireplace, as it looks very elegant and aristocratic visually.  

However, granite is also popular for fireplace decoration - more often black granite or beige and sand tones.

Ulle masters mostly create finishes for fireplaces in the interior, the finishing of an existing fireplace can be restored, it is less often ordered to design finishes for fireplaces in the exterior.

In Ulle's workshop you can see and feel different samples of stone and choose what you like best and fit the overall interior, as well as there are masters in the workshop who will tell you which stone is best to choose for the fireplace, how it will serve, how to care, etc.

Creating a fireplace decoration in cooperation with a fireplace master

Next, the creation of the fireplace decoration is mainly carried out in cooperation with the fireplace master. Thanks to long-term experience, Ulle stone masters are able to perfectly perceive and fulfill the specifics of the order, design, etc. The customer submits drawings, dimensions, explains technical nuances and design.

Ulle masters mostly entrust the development of fireplace decoration details. It is a scrupulous work, the details are made very precise, so that when assembling the fireplace decoration, a perfect drawing is created. If necessary, Ulle masters can also install the fireplace trim.

In addition, cooperation with Ulle is beneficial, as the customer can fully trust that the work will be performed in the highest quality - both technically and visually.

As well as the masters follow the deadlines very precisely, if the order has to be made urgently, they often undertake to realize it.

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