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Stone stairs

Steps or stairs made of natural stone in the interior and exterior look very neat, give a special accent.
But for this job, it would be important to choose a master, who has experience in finishing stone steps and stairs. It must be said that there are few such masters in Latvia.

Stone steps and stairs - some in the interior, some in the exterior?

For stairs and stairs, the surface treatment of the stone is usually chosen depending on whether they are indoors or outdoors. In the exterior of the steps, a rougher surface treatment is applied to prevent slipping in winter. Indoors, you can choose a smoother stone.

Stone steps and stairs in the exterior are also a very practical and long-lasting solution - suitable for Latvia's climatic conditions. Ceramic tiles last a few years in Latvian winter conditions, while steps or stairs made of natural stone will last for many decades.

People who really like marble in the interior, more often choose marble or one of the modern composite materials - artificial stone - for the decoration of steps and stairs.

In turn, the finish of granite steps and stairs is more often created in public objects.

It should be noted, however, that the creation of stone steps and stairs requires specific knowledge. Ulle masters have implemented many such projects. Both the visual appearance of the steps and stairs and their longevity depend on the professionalism of the master.

Steps from Chinese granite - cheaper, but better quality?

When creating steps or stairs in the exterior, the visual requirements are usually not so high, so you can choose a relatively simpler material. At present, granite obtained in China is required for the decoration of stone steps and stairs in Latvia, it is 2-3 times cheaper than granite available as standard.  

Chinese granite does not have as rich a variety of colors and patterns (basically dark or light gray, gray-pink, etc.), but when properly applied and processed, this material is as durable and practical in the exterior as any granite.

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