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Stone floors

When designing stone floors, Ulle's masters have realized various ideas.
You will definitely be able to implement your idea!

Stone floor - for people who like real values.

Stone floor is a fundamental construction of the room, so it is recommended to choose the material and color shade very carefully. It is best to come to Ulle's workshop, where you can see and feel various samples of stone material on site. The masters will tell you which stone is best to choose for the floor covering and explain how such a floor should be cared for in order to maintain its perfect appearance and function.

Stone floor is more often chosen by people who like natural materials in the interior - wood, stone. Natural stone floor has a special beauty, it gives value and exclusivity to the room and interior.  

Stone floors are more often created for public spaces. However, Ulle masters have also created stone floors for private houses and apartments.

See the objects sold by ULLE below.

People who want an aristocratic-looking floor are more likely to choose marble. Granite floors are also popular in Latvia because they are classically beautiful and relatively durable. Different natural stone materials can be combined to create a floor covering.

Artificial stone floors are becoming more and more popular. Very large tiles - up to 1x3m - can be used for such flooring.


Artificial stone flooring is also much more durable and invulnerable than, for example, marble flooring.

Stone floor - as a contrast or harmonious element of the interior.

There are various solutions to match the stone floor to the interior. Sometimes a stone floor is designed to stand out, for example, to contrast with the walls. Otherwise, the stone flooring is matched to room elements such as a fireplace or stairs. However, it is also the case that a person initially chooses the favorite stone floor covering, only then plans the rest of the interior.

Stone floor - how to install and maintain?

The stone floor is laid in the same way as a ceramic tile floor. However, for the floor to look perfect, you need a knowledgeable and experienced craftsman. Ulle can recommend masters with experience in laying stone floors. They can be safely entrusted with such a task.

The stone floor is similar to the ceramic tile floor in terms of touch, under which a warm floor can be formed using exactly the same technology.
People tend to think that creating a stone floor will last forever, will not require any worries. When laying a stone floor, it is treated (impregnated) so that, for example, when the wine spills, it does not soak into the floor covering and does not leave stains.

However, owners should keep in mind that stone floors, like wood floors, require regular maintenance and, depending on wear and tear, surface restoration, such as repainting.

Then the stone floor will serve perfectly and will tell you about future generations.

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