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Stone surfaces for the kitchen

If you want to create artificial or natural stone surfaces for the kitchen,
Ulle masters will help you choose a stone that matches the color tone of the room,
as well as make stone surfaces suitable for kitchen design.

Natural stone surfaces for the kitchen - how to match the design of the room?

Ulle develops natural and artificial stone (Silestone and Laminam) surfaces for the kitchen. The company's experience shows that in Latvia, people most often choose granite for the kitchen, using this stone in a variety of ways - shelves, wall panels, stone surfaces for the kitchen, etc. can be made.

People like granite because it looks classically noble and is very durable. Properly operated, stone surfaces in the kitchen will serve for several generations

At Ulle, you can choose budget-grade granite, which has relatively fewer color tones. However, stone kitchen surfaces can also be made of exclusive granite, which is very gorgeous with expressive color tones.

It is believed that granite is the cheapest natural stone, which is not true. The price of granite can range from 100.00 - 2000.00 euros per m2.

When they come to Ulle's stone workshop, people are often confused by the variety of color tones and patterns. Masters then help to orientate - to understand what shade is best to choose natural stone surfaces for the kitchen.  

People most often try to match the natural stone to the kitchen furniture, but a more harmonious design can be created by matching the stone tone to the elements of the kitchen - floor, walls, etc.

Artificial stone surfaces in the kitchen - what are the advantages compared to natural stone?

Increasingly, people make stone surfaces for the kitchen from artificial stone. This material has certain advantages.
For example, a very thin surface of artificial stone (from 12 mm) can be created for a modern interior.

Artificial stone is also suitable if it is necessary to make several kitchen surfaces with the same pattern (drawing), as well as if there is a desire to make surfaces with a pattern uncharacteristic of natural stone.

It should be noted that the pattern and color tone of natural stone is unique and unrepeatable, so it would be very difficult to make two completely identical surfaces for the kitchen.

Artificial stone has the same high strength as natural stone - sometimes even higher, it is equivalent to natural stone in terms of price.

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