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Buildings and stone facades of buildings

The stone facade of the building is a valuable investment.
It will last as long as the building itself, of course, if properly designed.

Stone facade - suitable for Latvian climatic conditions.

The stone facade of the building is usually chosen because it looks beautiful and rich. However, such a building facade is also a very practical solution. The finish of the stone slabs is especially suitable for a building with a ventilated facade, as it provides good ventilation, thermal insulation and sound insulation, as well as is very durable. The weather can not damage the facade in any way.

It is a warm recommendation to entrust the creation of a stone facade to experienced craftsmen, as this work requires specific knowledge. So far, Ulle's masters have created countless stone facades, as they were one of the first in Latvia to start building them in the late 90's. Ulle masters have accumulated rich experience in creating stone facades in other European countries as well.

Stone facade of granite, travertine or artificial stone.

Granite is more often used to decorate stone facades, but lately people often choose travertine. This stone looks tasteful and elegant, as well as serves perfectly in Latvia's climatic conditions. The Freedom Monument is a good example because it is made of travertine. Over time, this stone acquires a beautiful sand color that is close to the Latvian mentality.

The facade can also be finished with artificial stone (laminate). This material has certain advantages. Much thinner (3-5mm) facade finishing boards can be used. Large finishing panels (3x1m) can be used for the façade made of artificial stone. This reduces both material and labor costs accordingly.

Natural stone is relatively heavier, finishing slabs are thicker and smaller in size. When creating a facade from natural or artificial stone, masters use special technology, fasteners.

ULLE's regular customers include people who really like natural stone because of its special value. Over the years, such people create various natural stone solutions for their interior and exterior to order - not only the stone facade of the building, but also environmental objects, interior decoration, etc.

We invite you to get inspired by looking at our work.

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